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So, what does the ICCFX website and organization do? What services do we provide for you?

Well what you have to know is that, if you haven’t noticed yet, the main focus of ICCFX is on currency and exchange rates. All the different types of currencies around the world are important. It is made even more important with globalization upon us.

Thus, there is a need for people to understand how their currencies cost to the others around the world. Each currency has an exchange rate when compared with another currency. For example, a United States dollar costs somewhere around 50 to 60 Philippine pesos at any given time.

The main service of ICCFX is to deliver these exchange rates daily to people who need this information. We either present them to you so you can compare them per currency, or you can compare it to multiple currencies.

Apart from that, we also provide historical currency data for you. This allows you to check how much the exchange rates were days, weeks, months, or years ago were.

All of these are not only geared for people who like to travel and need to change their currencies. It is also geared towards traders in the Forex. Forex traders naturally trade in currencies, and this information is useful for them.

Finally, we also help traders by writing articles on several topics that they may find useful for their trading endeavors.